Hi friends!

Y’all. Do I have some updates for you, or what?! I legit feel like I’ve been gone for a bajillion years and Haley totally deserves a shout out for bearing the weight of BL while I adjust to life changes.

This time of year (winter. I mean winter) is typically the season of flux in my life. Not for any particular reason, it just seems to always work out that life things tend to culminate and manifest themselves as we head into the winter season.

Whether it’s a special someone coming into my life, someone leaving it, a promotion at work, a new job, or even quitting my job and moving to a different city on the other side of the country, these things tend to happen in that November–January window. It’s the weirdest thing.

Over time I’ve learned of ways to keep a level head through all the chaos (which this year consists of easing into a new job – twice! – and deciding some things about some stuff in the personal realm), and the most helpful thing has always been MUSIC.

^^My phone totally autocapitalized music btw. I decided to keep it. Because point proven.

Anyway – one year it was Purity Ring, another year it was Susie Suh, then it was Lady Gaga (lbh, it’s always LG), then The Electric Sons, and this year I’ve been listening to a LOT of Chris Stapleton (reminds me of home). I have a tendency to binge on artists/songs for a particular life stage, but once they’ve musicked (roll with it) me through whatever experience I’m trying to navigate, that particular artist/song always stay with me.

So all this to say, per the yushee (#shoutout), this early winter stage consists of a shit ton of life changes. And I’m literally in the process of sourcing the music that will determine the vibes tied to the memories of my current reality. And today, y’all are gonna get an irl real time peek into it. I’ve compiled a Fresh Vibes playlist that’s an early pass on what I’m putting together for this yearly flux period of life.

Now, I think I’m done rambling. And with that I’ll say, grab your wine, throw on the tunes in this fresh vibes list and enjoy being cozy at home tonight. Find a song that speaks to this one moment in particular and save it. And if you have a bad day in the middle of June, just throw on said song and you’ll be transported instantly to being cozy with this glass of wine. And suddenly everything will seem much more manageable.

I don’t really have a life lesson to this or a call to action, but if you want to say some words about some stuff then share with us below!!

x T