Y’all. I have some news for you today! Have y’all heard of lavender lattes? Yes? Well then, congrats – You’re just super freaking trendy. If not, then OMG HAI! Let me tell you all about them!!

My old roommate and I used to get them all the time when I lived in Dallas! We would start our Sundays with a trip to Method Coffee for our lattes and would end it with Pei Wei’s Pad Thai (#itsourthing).

But I digress. Because omg. These things are amazing. They’re so magical and refreshing and calming and zen.
The barista calls your name and you go and scoop up this aromatic cup of happiness. The first sip is different and your taste buds don’t exactly know what awesomeness they’re experiencing but they like it. There’s a hint of a flowery flavor unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in a cup of coffee and you know instantly that this will be your new fave. You can order them iced for a refreshing coffee break on a hot summer afternoon or can get it hot and drink it while cozied up on the couch while you watch the snow fall outside. These are all terrain lattes. (And lbh, I won’t lead you astray. Because if there’s two things I’m an expert at in life, it’s coffee and wine.)

So drop whatever you’re doing right now (because Mondays are overrated anyway), and go google the nearest place you can order a lavender latte!

What are some of your favorite coffee creations?! Have suggestions of a life changing drink that we need to try? Share with us below!!

x T