We believe in strong friendships, good wine, and life-changing trips.  We believe in expressing yourself, believing in yourself, and loving yourself.  We believe that honest conversation can deeply connect individuals and feed your soul.

Balcony Life was built on these fundamentals years ago, and we are excited to share them with you today.


Balcony Life began to evolve about 3 years ago, out of a weekly hangout time where Haley and Taylor would get together every Thursday and talk about all things life over a glass (bottle) of wine.

We bonded so much over the frustration and discontentment we felt in our daily lives.  We wanted more.  We wanted to do something of substance that brought value and happiness to ours and other people’s lives.

At the time though, we didn’t have a damn clue how to make any of that happen.  That didn’t stop us though.  We continued our Thursday evening hangouts.  It became such a standing event that we didn’t even bother confirming our hangouts.  The only time we discussed our plan in advance was if one of us couldn’t make it for some reason.

Over time, we learned from each other and pushed each other in both our professional and personal growth.  We were a support system for each other in a world of wandering and clueless millennials.

About a year ago was the first time we toyed with the idea of starting a blog/website.  However, we weren’t quite ready to make it happen until the start of 2016.  Haley at the time was taking a developer course so she could begin freelancing and doing side projects on her own time.  Taylor had just moved to Chicago and quickly found himself frustrated by the lack of any personal projects that would push him to grow.

So, this naturally seemed like the perfect time to start making moves.

Now here we are – after countless hours of development effort, content creation, and dozens of Skype sessions later.  Approximately seven months after the start of our efforts to make all this possible, we’re finally ready to take you all on this adventure with us!  So grab some wine and pull up a chair.  The Balcony is one of the coziest places you can be.