Hi friends,

I know, it’s been an exhausting fucking ride for all of us. It’s finally over and we don’t need to ever think about this campaign season again, I get it. But also, we out on The Balcony believe in equality, basic human rights, and respect for people’s differences, and I don’t believe our country chose any of those things when they voted for our now president-elect. I just feel compelled to share my reaction to the events that have taken place over the past couple days.
I woke up this morning to the worst news I could’ve woken up to on Election Day. Actually, lbh…I didn’t sleep much on Tuesday night. I dozed off out of pure exhaustion. But anyway, my initial reaction was of disgust (don’t worry, I’ll come back to this).
But then I began to think and reflect on the reality of the situation. And then I started thinking, I feel stupid.  I feel foolish. I feel humbled. (Yeah, humbled.) I’m starting to realize people like me were part of the problem. I went into this Election Day almost cocky about the notion that Clinton would win. I trusted that people in large metropolitan areas would outweigh the rural parts of America.
I think one part of this outcome (because, lbh – there are a shit ton of moving parts here) was the consequence of a rebellion by the rural America that was left behind by globalization on the urban centers that have profited from the emerging global society for the past 60 years.
They simply finally had the perfect candidate they could latch onto, a candidate that sold them promise of going back to the “good ol’ days” despite the fact that doing so will have a dangerous impact on not only our cultural fabric (hello, civil rights) but also the world and the environment (ahem, climate change anyone?).
My stomach has been in knots all day. I’m legitimately concerned for the safety of not only myself and my community as a gay man, but every single one of my minority friends, every single woman I know in my life, every single person who speaks out against him. Like, this is a man who blatantly silences dissenters at his rallies. What does that say about our future?
Also, for the record, It’s not Donald trump himself that I find worrisome. I am more concerned about the people who put him in power. In what world is it ok to be that fucking terrible of a human and still be taken seriously? I challenge any person in America to walk into his/her place of work and say the things he says, and see if you still have a job at the end of the day. I very seriously doubt anyone would get away with it. So how is it that this man has become the future leader of the free world? There’s absolutely no excuse for his actions. None whatsoever.
Today has been a roller coaster of emotions ranging from sneaking off to the bathroom to dry my eyes, to being irrationally angry and needing to throw something, to actually throwing up (once). But one thing I’m realizing at this point is that we’ve still got this. Our society is about to undergo a major stress test over the next 4 years. We’ve got this because we have human decency and a sense of social responsibility on our side.
One of my very best friends in the world expressed today perfectly in a status update, “We get to feel sad today. But tomorrow, we’ve got to put pantsuits back on and start fighting for what’s right again.”
HRC herself implored us to “Please, never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.”
It breaks my heart that she didn’t win the Presidency. The penultimate piece of her entire life in public service will never be realized now. Many people voted for her in spite of Trump, but I proudly cast my vote for her because I believe that anyone who can have the grit to dedicate her life’s work to improving the lives of those around the country, despite constantly being attacked then that’s someone I can get behind. Is she perfect? Absolutely not. It’s she corrupt? It’s entirely (very) possible. But I also in my heart of hearts that HRC’s life work was to improve the lives of Americans everywhere (and if she could benefit from it somewhere along the way, then hey win/win). I don’t say that to trivialize her actions, but instead say that to highlight the fact that she’s a public servant in her core. (Also, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact that she’s never been formally charged with anything. Literally nothing.)
The silver lining to all this is that the GOP has spent the past 8 years blaming democrats for lack of governance in DC. Now they control both houses of congress and the executive branch. They have 2 years before midterms to prove that they can govern.
I don’t think people will realize the damage they’ve caused for a few weeks, at which point it will be too late.

x T


PS – I want to clarify that this is strictly a #thoughtsfromT moment. I’m not trying to rep anyone else with these words, whether it be H or either of our obscure ninja workplaces.

*this has been edited for clarity and general flow improvement